Why did ShapeShift say the exchange completed, but my funds are not in my wallet?




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    Ptr Teeny

    hi, please help me with my concern. my transaction did not go to my wallet and was not returned to my previous wallet.

    i already reported my concern twice providing the wallet address and the transaction hash but until now i did not get any reply from your end.

    please help! thank you.

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    Ptr Teeny

    i believe mine was a case of multiple-output-transaction. please revert the funds back to my wallet. thanks! 

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    The problem solved, thank you.

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    vineet bansal

    i have converted 1 etc to eth in my account etc less but eth not recieved on dated 03 july 2017 at 8.29 pm my transaction id Hash 0xd1a1b5ab41835bdf1ca4ea0e22584ae047a5c24719dbfb90b1d825f787f37825    [16:27, 7/4/2017] +91 98147 44205: er)gastracker.io
    [16:27, 7/4/2017] +91 98147 44205: https://gastracker.io/addr/0x64307e3ed661d401327dc312e85bcda24f43e7ba                                      [16:28, 7/4/2017] +91 98147 44205: Address 0xf5f1e8743c271545e8e65e980fa7ad1df40b7908 | GasTracker.io (Ethereum Classic Block Explorer)gastracker.io
    [16:28, 7/4/2017] +91 98147 44205: https://gastracker.io/addr/0xf5f1e8743c271545e8e65e980fa7ad1df40b7908                                         Eth add.0xddb70f2aeb9a23a1947f699ef5896ee8e8b8c418                                                                                 Etc add.0xc95ed6f3bb303bb623a0858708a54a309c5b799e

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    shapeshift complete my trasaction but i did not receive my litecoin yet.

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    I sent BCH to shpeshift via Coinomi app. The exchange was to be convertd to BTC.
    No BTC arrived at my wallet, but the BCH was sent.
    My sent BCH transaction id:
    I sent BCH to address:
    Expected to recieve BTC at address:

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