My order is "awaiting exchange" - what's happening?




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    Graber M90

    My transaction from BTC to ETH went through after 13 hours. When my bitcoins where already in shapeshifts wallet i had a conversion rate of 1 BTC=7.21 ETH. Shapeshift converted it 13 hours later at a conversion rate of 1 BTC=6.8 ETH. This is ridicolous. 

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    Emmanuel Adedeji

    Well done on this recent updates, but please do something about continuous reduction in transaction fee, people are not happy at all. Thanks

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    Richard Parris

     I used a wallet - Jaxx - to make the transaction - is there a way I can find out the status of the transaction from the incoming origin to destination addresses?


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    I also use jaxx wallet. I read that you can use this address to see what the status Is on your transaction.<'Sent To' adress>

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    Thanks Megan, I recieved my funds. 

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    My order has taken longer than 24 hours and I still haven't received my funds. I emailed support hours ago and still haven't received a reply back even.

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    We are answering all support requests, so yours will definitely be taken care of. 

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    Hello to all....

    Yesterday i send 5 times 0,2 BTC to shapeshift but only the first will work... Only 0,2 Btc was changed and send to my ETH wallet...

    The other 0,8 BTC ( 4 transactions with 0,2btc) was send from but never arrived in my ETH wallet.... hope shapeshift can fix that problem to me because all the other changes or transaction always work fine.... 

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    No refunds for 1,2BTC for over 48 HOURS (325 blocks ago). ShapeShift had a good run, but now everywhere I look, I only see nails in its coffin.

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    i send on 13.06.2017 5 Times 0,2 BTC to 5 BTC adresses i get from Shapeshift !!

    Only the first did work and the 0,2 BTC are changed and arrives as ETH !!

    On the other 4 transactions i send 4 times 0,2btc but no one will be changed !! So my BTC are gone from BUT NEVER ARRIVED ON MY "myethawallet" account !!

    3 DAYS Nothing......

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