My page refreshed during "awaiting exchange." Will my exchange still process?




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    Dr Amitbali

    Hi Emily


    Can u Help me with an incomplete transaction.

    How to track the Exchange transaction ?





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    Hello! Did you submit a ticket to our support team? If not, please do so at the following link and our team can help you:

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    arg I really need help :( I sent ETH to change to BTC but something went wrong.  I submitted a ticket like a day ago and also left a message on chat but no reply yet,I want to send another one with more details to speed it up but dont want to send too many tickets. Im stressin hard here. I have red ID and the address i sent my eth to everything saved. I still have the window open that says 'failed'   .  Thank you in advance for any help with this

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    So as long as we save the transaction ID we can close de window?

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    Andrew Lloyd

    Hi the exactly same thing happen I sent btc to the deposit account you have me, but the etherium don't arrive at my walllet. I have the transaction record. At first it said transaction received, but then it blocked during await transaction and I didnt get the funds please help me. I couldn't send a ticket to the support team I don't know why. It says default ticket form but it doesn't let me.chose and nothing happens after I pick that option. I have the hash and the transaction record on my btc account. Please contact me I really need help and I'm sure the your bit address did get the btcs. Thanks in advance and really hope you can help me

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    PLEASE MAKE 200% sure you're in the right site!  The REAL site is:   --》 with .io at the end! not .in (from India)


    Phishing site:

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