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If you're asking us about an order, you must include the Transaction ID and the Deposit Address of your deposit. The Transaction ID (or TXID) is provided by your wallet. The Deposit Address is the address you sent your coins to (provided by ShapeShift). Example TXID: 809bea17cacd65d306bf40706729fea51569a5da32bfc2b517d8219b28c38bc0 Example Deposit Address: 1254FakSpHqResJFa6nZcuDiuLHr7pVc1F NOTE: WE DO NOT TAKE SCREEN SHOTS SO PLEASE PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION IN THE BODY OF YOUR REQUEST

If you're asking us about an order, please include a refund address in case your order has failed. The refund address is how we send your coins back to you. For example, if you did a Bitcoin to Litecoin order, send us your Bitcoin address (ie – 1CgjjvoQgunDQ6GcxSyTXhRgGUFjBC95Eu )

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